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Los Angeles Traction Color Chart
Los Angeles Railway 1920s
LARy Yellow 124CLARy Brown 4625CRoof?

Los Angeles Railway 'H-3's 1929-34 Gold Pinstripes
LARy Green 364CLARy Creme 607CSilver Roof

Los Angeles Transit Lines "Fruit Salad"
Green 364CYellow 131CWhite

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
Light Green 5555CDark Green 3435CWhite

Pacific Electric
Red 194COrange 159CSilver
Seat upholstery, 5000 class PCCs, modernized 600 class and later White 798 buses.
Black zebra stripes on
Pale Green fabric 5635C
1947 White 798 #2272

   All colors matched to original railway equipment in the collection of the Orange Empire Railway Museum.  Paint samples were matched to Pantone's #1000 Color Formula Guide (1995) for coated stock. All colors were "right on" except for the MTA's "Light Green" No. 5555C which was the nearest match we could find.  For White use "Pure White", Silver is a bright metallic silver, gold is a metalic gold. Green and creme 1929 LARy colors are based upon very small samples and might be off.

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