2-WEST 7th STREET LINE (1930-1931)


Formed from Existing trackage for rush hour trippers service.


ROUTE: From E. 7th Street and Central Avenue, west on 7th to Vermont Avenue, north on Vermont to W. 1st Street.


JUNE 1, 1931: Service terminated.




Formed from Griffin Avenue end of the A-2-West Adams and Griffith Avenue Line and Crown Hill portion of the C-Crown Hill and Temple Street Line. Service begun June 13, 1932.


ROUTE: From Montecito Drive and Griffin Avenue, south on Griffin to Avenue 26, west on Avenue 26 to Pasadena Avenue. South on Pasadena and North Broadway to W. 1st Street, west on 1st to Hill Street, south on Hill to W. 5th Street, west on 5th to Flower Street. North on Flower to W. 3rd Street, west on 3rd to Columbia Street, north on Columbia to W. 2nd Street, west on 2nd to Loma Drive, north on Loma and Belmont Avenue to Temple Street.


JULY 16, 1939: Due to laying a third rail in the Pacific Electric South Hill Street Tunnel, line was rerouted from Broadway and Temple west on Temple Street to Hill Street, then south on Hill. The track on W. 1st from Broadway west to Hill Street was abandoned.


September 24, 1939: Rerouted and renamed the 2-Crown Hill and West 5th Street Line.




Formed from the Crown Hill branch of the 2-Griffin Avenue and Crown Hill Line and trackage on 5th Street in use by the D-, U- and 3-Lines. Route on Griffin Avenue transferred to the l9-bus line.


ROUTE: From Temple Street and Belmont Avenue, south on Belmont and Loma to W. 2nd Street, east on 2nd to Columbia. South on Columbia to W. 3rd Street east on 3rd to Flower Street, south on Flower to W. 5th Street, east on 5th to Central Avenue, south on Central to a siding just south of E. 5th.


OCTOBER 5, 1941: Service on Crown Hill portion abandoned; service on 5th Street maintained by the D-, U- and 3-Lines. This was the last line abandoned before World War II.