Formed from portions of the R-Whittier Boulevard and W. 3rd Street Line and the D-W. 6th and E. 5th Street Line. Service begun November 1, 1931.


ROUTE: From E. 5th Street and Central Avenue, west on 5th to Beaudry Street, south on Beaudry to W. 6th Street, west on 6th to right-of-way along Gramercy Place, north on right-of-way to W. 3rd Street, west on 3rd to Larchmont Boulevard, north on Larchmont to Melrose Avenue.


OCTOBER 10, 1937: Loop established on east end via E. 6th Street, Kohler Street, Wilde Street and Central Avenue.


NOVEMBER 9, 1937: Wye established on west end at Melrose Avenue and Larchmont Boulevard in anticipation of PCC Cars (second line so equipped.)


SEPTEMBER 10, 1937: Turnback service established at W. 3rd Street and Plymouth Avenue.


FEBRUARY 7, 1943: Short lived turnback service, in conjunction with the R-Line, using the loop formed by W. 6th, Gramercy right-of-way, W. 3rd and Vermont Avenue. The 3-Line operated clockwise, the R-Line counter clockwise. Layover was on spur tracks on the right-of-way section (busses still follow this pattern.) The turnback at W. 3rd and Plymouth was eliminated.


AUGUST 3, 1947: Service on W. 3rd and Larchmont taken over by R-Line, service on W. 6th by the 3-(trolley bus) Line.