Formed from the Euclid Avenue branch of the Vermont Avenue and East 4th Street Line, plus unused tracks on Evergreen Avenue from E. 4th Street north to E. 1st Street. From the beginning of service, May 9 1920, until September 8, 1924, trackage on Euclid was shared with the F-South Vermont, East 4th Line and Euclid Avenue branch.


ROUTE: From Whittier Boulevard and Euclid Avenue, north on Euclid to E. 4th Street, west on 4th to Evergreen Avenue, north on Evergreen to E. 1st Street.


1924: Extended north on Evergreen to Brooklyn Avenue.


SEPTEMBER 8, 1924: Extended north from Evergreen and Brooklyn Avenues to Wabash Avenue, east on Wabash to City Terrace, sharing trackage with the B-Brooklyn Avenue and Hooper Avenue Line.


NOVEMBER 23, 1924: Extended north on City Terrace to Ramona Boulevard.


JANUARY 18, 1926: Extended from Ramona and City Terrace east to Miller Avenue.


MAY 19, 1939: Renamed E-Evergreen Avenue Line, with no change.