DALTON AVENUE shuttle LINE (1924)


Formed from the Dalton-Vernon Avenue branch of the F-E. 4th and South Vermont Line.


ROUTE: From Arlington and W. Vernon Avenue, east on Vernon to Dalton Avenue, north on Dalton to Santa Barbara Avenue.


SEPTEMBER 14, 1924: Line merged into the M-Grand and Moneta Avenue Line.




Formed from the Dalton-West Vernon branch of the 10-West Vernon and Edgeware Road Line. Service started November 30, 1942.


ROUTE: From Arlington and Vernon Avenue, west on Vernon to Dalton, north on Dalton to Santa Barbara, west on Santa Barbara to a crossover at Normandie, except during weekday rush hours when service was extended west to Vermont Avenue, north on Vermont to a crossover at W. 39th Street.


JUNE 21, 1943: Redesignated the 10-Vernon and Dalton Line.