Formed from the Washington Street and Maple Avenue Lines.


ROUTE:  From Rimpau and Washington Avenues, east on Washington to Figueroa Street, north on  Figueroa to W. 6th Street, east of 6th to Olive Street, north on Olive to 5th Street, east on 5th to Maple Avenue, south on Maple and Woodlawn Avenues to Santa Barbara Avenues, east on Santa Barbara to Wall Street, south on Wall to E. 53rd Street, east on 53rd to San Pedro Avenue.


May 9, 1920:  Split:  Washington Avenue branch became part of the ‘W’-West Washington and Garvanza Line and the Maple Avenue branch became part of the ‘H’-Heliotrope and Maple Avenue Line.




Formed from the western section of the Boyle Heights and W. 7th Street Line and the southern section of the West Washington and Maple Street Line.  Service starts May 9, 1920.


ROUTE:  From East 53rd Street and San Pedro Avenue, west on 53rd to Wall Street, north on Wall to Santa Barbara Avenue (King Boulevard.)  West on Santa Barbara to Woodlawn Avenue, north on Woodlawn and Maple Avenue to 7th Street, west on 7th to Alvarado Street, north on Alvarado to West 6th Street.  West on 6th to Rampart Boulevard, north on Rampart to West 2nd Street, west on 2nd and right of-way to Bimini Place, north on Bimini to West 1st Street, west on 1st to New Hampshire Avenue.  North on New Hampshire to Beverly Boulevard, west on Beverly to Heliotrope Avenue, north on Heliotrope to Melrose Avenue, west on Melrose to Normandie Avenue.


APRIL 5, 1924:  Line rerouted from W. 1st and Vermont Avenue, north on Vermont to Beverly Boulevard, west on Beverly to New Hampshire Avenue, where it rejoins old line.  Trackage on W. 1st Street from Vermont to New Hampshire and on New Hampshire to Beverly abandoned.


JUNE 7, 1925:  Line extended west from Melrose Avenue and Normandie Avenue west on Melrose to Western Avenue.


APRIL 10 1938:  Name of line changed to ‘H’-Heliotrope and Melrose Line with no change of route.  (Apparently the name “Heliotrope” didn’t mean enough to patrons.)




Takes over ‘H’-Heliotrope and Maple Avenue Line April 10, 1938 with no change of route.


AUGUST 3, 1947:  Rail service abandoned.