Formed from that portion of the Homeward and Vermont Avenue Line south of Manchester and Moneta Avenues.


ROUTE: From Moneta Avenue (South Broadway) and Manchester Avenue, south on Moneta to Athens Way, south on Athens Way to W. 116th Street.


MAY 9, 1920: Became part of the South Broadway branch of the M-Line.






Formed from the western section of the Grand Avenue and North Broadway Line (from W. 54th Street and Crenshaw Avenue to Lincoln Heights Avenue and Mission Road via 54th Street, 48th Street, Hoover, Grand, 7th Street and North Broadway) and the Moneta Avenue branch of the Main Street Line. (From Manchester and Moneta Avenue to Highland Park via Moneta, Main, North Broadway, Pasadena Avenue, and N. Figueroa Street.)


ROUTE: From Crenshaw Avenue and W. 54th Street, east on 54th to 2nd Avenue. North on 2nd to W. 48th Street, east on 48th and right-of-way to Hoover Street. North on Hoover to Santa Barbara (King) Avenue, east on right-of-way along Santa Barbara to Grand Avenue. North on right-of-way along Grand to W. 11th Street, east on 11th to Broadway, north on Broadway to W. 2nd Street. East on 2nd to Spring Street, south on Spring and Main Streets to Moneta Avenue, south on Moneta to W. 54th Street, where it split. One branch went west on 54th Street to 2nd Avenue, the other continued south on Moneta to Manchester Avenue.


1920: Trackage on W 54th and W. 48th reconciled W. 54th extended to Crenshaw from 2nd Avenue, W. 48th Street terminated at 2nd Avenue, Second Avenue south front 48th to 54th was then used exclusively as access to the new Division 5 Car Barn at 54th and 2nd Avenue.


1920: W. 48th extended west from 2nd Avenue to 6th Avenue and W. 48th Street.


AUGUST 12, 1923: Cut back on Grand Avenue from W. 11th Street to Pico Avenue, then east on to Broadway.


JUNE 1, 1924: Moneta Avenue Line extended south from Manchester Avenue to Athens Avenue, south on Athens to W. 116th Street, taking over operation of the South Broadway Shuttle.


SEPTEMBER 14, 1924: Two new branches established (on trackage already in use by other lines):

1.       From Hoover Street and Santa Barbara Avenue west on Santa Barbara to Dalton Avenue, south on Dalton to Vernon, west on Vernon to Arlington Avenue.

2.       On Santa Barbara, west to 3rd Avenue.

Both branches were through-routed with the W. 54th Street branch and the W. 48th Street branch was through-routed with the Moneta Avenue branch.


AUGUST 13, 1930: Service on the Santa Barbara Avenue branch, from Hoover Street west to 3rd Avenue, reduced to morning rush hour service on weekdays and Saturday; no Sunday service.


MAY 31, 1931: West 48th Street Line extended west from 48th and 6th Avenue to 48th and Crenshaw Avenue.


JUNE 12, 1932: Line broken up. Service on Moneta Avenue (South Broadway) became the 7- and 8-Lines, W. 48th and W. 54th became the 9-Line, while Dalton and Vernon became the 10-Line.




Formed from the Mateo Street Shuttle, operation begun May 19, 1939.


ROUTE: From E. 1st Street and Santa Fe Avenue, south on Santa Fe and Mateo Street to E. 7th Street.


OCTOBER 4, 1941: Rail service abandoned.