Formed from the Los Angeles Railway Companys line of same name and route.


ROUTE: From Pico Boulevard and Delaware Avenue, east on Pico to Main Street, north on Main, Broadway Place and Broadway to W. 2nd Street, east on 2nd to Spring Street, south on Spring to W. 4th, west on 4th to Broadway.


1912: Extended west from Pico and Delaware to Sprague Street.


1918: Extended east from W. 2nd and Spring, east on 2nd and Traction Avenue to E. 3rd Street, east on 3rd to Santa Fe Avenue, north on Santa Fe to La Grande Depot at E. 2nd and Santa Fe Avenue.


1919: Extended south from W. 11th and Broadway Place on a newly built street, at first called New Broadway, to Pico Boulevard, eliminating the jog on Main Street.


MAY 5, 1920: Through-routed with the E. 1st Street branch of the Boyle Heights and West 7th Street Line and renamed the P-West Pico and East 1st Street Line.






Formed from the western portion of the West Pico and Santa Fe Station Line and the eastern portion of the Boyle heights and West 7th Street Line. Service begun May 9, 1920.


ROUTE: From Brooklyn Avenue and Rowan Street, (in Boyle heights), south on Rowan to E. 1st Street, west on 1st to Broadway, south on Broadway to Pico Boulevard, west on Pico to Mullen Avenue.


APRIL 3, 1927: Line extended west on Pico Boulevard from Mullen to Rimpau Street.


OCTOBER 6, 1927: Due to rebuilding the E. 1st Street Viaduct, line rerouted from 1st and Main Streets, north on Main to Macy Street, east on Macy Street and Brooklyn Avenue to State Street, then on new temporary trackage south on State to E. 1st, then on regular trackage to Brooklyn Avenue and Rowan Street.


SUMMER 1928: Service back to normal.


FEBRUARY 23, 1930: Due to rebuilding the 4th Street Viaduct, certain P-Line cars were diverted at E. 1st and Cummings Streets, south on Cummings to E. 4th Street, east on 4th on what was normally the F-Line to Fresno Avenue, north on Fresno, then via the regular P-Line route to Brooklyn Avenue and Rowan Street (the Cummings Street Line was abandoned in 1920 but apparently the trackage was left in place as service trackage at least as far as 4th Street.)


JULY 31, 1931: Service restored to normal.


April 22, 1935: Turnaround loop established at Pico Boulevard and Rimpau Street.


DECEMBER 25, 1936: Loop opened at Dozier and Rowan Streets, line extended from Brooklyn Avenue to Dozier Street.


JUNE 20, 1948: Loop established at E. 1st Street and Chicago Avenue.


March 31, 1963: Rail service abandoned.