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Los Angeles Railway/Los Angeles Transit Lines system route maps

Los Angeles Railway Co.
Issue DateType
July, 1932Plain White
An insert map that was included in a LARy Guide and Route Map dated July 7, 1932
April 1, 1935Full Map
April 19, 1936Plain White
June 1, 1938Full Map
June 1, 1939Plain White
April 2, 1940Plain White
June 1, 1940Route Map in Guide Book
August 1, 1940Plain White
February 1, 1941Plain White
November 1, 1941Plain White
March 9, 1942Plain White
July 1, 1942Full Map
July 1, 1942Tour Los Angeles by Yellow Cars and Coaches. A small folded brochure printed on brown paper with darker brown ink. Has a small map of most LARy lines.
October 15, 1943Full Map
January 15, 1945Full Map

Los Angeles Transit Lines
Issue DateType
March 1, 1945Plain White
February 15, 1946Full Map
January 15, 1947Full Map
August 3, 1947Plain White
October 1, 1947Full Map
April 18, 1948Full Map
February 1, 1949Plain White
March 1, 1949Full Map
January 1, 1950Full Map
April 1, 1950Plain White
June 15, 1950Full Map
June 1, 1951Full Map
May 15, 1952Full Map
June 15, 1952Full Map
March 15,1953Full Map
February 1, 1954Full Map
August 1, 1954Full Map
June 19, 1955Full Map
Sept. 1, 1956Plain White
October 18, 1956Full Map
November 18 1956Full Map

Thanks to the help of ERHA members Robert Blymer, Don Brown, P.A. Copeland, Pat Ellyson, Roy Gabriel, Ray Long, Jeff Moreau, Russell Powers, Wally G. Shidler, Laurence R. Veysey and Stanley F.X. Worris, we have a most comprehensive listing of known system maps. Two classifications describe the type of system route map issued by the two operators of the Los Angeles Railway system:
  • Full Map describes a complete system map, usually printed in two or more colors, that has a main map on one side and in many cases a detail map of the central business district and route descriptions on the other side.
  • Plain White describes the type of system map that was issued for short durations or until new maps could be produced and were usually printed in one color of ink and on one side only. Since several ERHA members have furnished us with data regarding the reproduction of system route maps in various guide books, we include those also. The L.A.M.T.A. did publish route maps showing the electric rail operations that were purchased from both the Los Angeles Transit Lines and Metropolitan Coach Lines. Those maps we'll list elsewhere.

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