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Laurel Canyon Utilities Company
1910-1912 appx.

The Trackless Trolley, First in America. Operating over a beautiful mountain boulevard to Bungalow Land, an Ideal residence Park. The developer had plans to build another such operation to a residential tract in Signal Hill near Long Beach, but that operation seems to have never gotten going.

Laurel Canyon Utilities Co., Chas. S. Mann, Pres., 321 Wright & Callender Bldg., Los Angeles

The two trolleybusses were hand built in Los Angeles on Oldsmobile chassis, seated 16 passengers and were electrically powered at 600v DC purchased from the Pacific Electric Railway.

In the April 10, 1922 issue of The Pacific Electric Magazine PE President Paul Shoup writes,
"It is true that a trackless trolley operated in the Hollywood section as a feeder to the Pacific Electric for a few years, the service being discontinued because it was unprofitable some ten years ago."
"The failure of the Hollywood trackless trolley which was quite thoroughly investigated by us at the time, was largely due to the fact that the roads were not paved. Not only was power consumption large but the maintenance cost was excessive."

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