In accord with our practice since the first National Orange Show was held twelve years ago, the Pacific Electric Railway again contributed a feature for the annual citrus exposition, our display this year taking the form of a tribute to our efficient train dispatching and transportation corps.

Enclosed in an ornamental structure of Italian type, lavishly trimmed with oranges, was displayed an enlarged relief map of the system, with small glow lights marking the location of the principal municipalities served. From the regulation dispatcher's board (at which was seated a lay-figure, garbed in the regulation dispatcher's raincoat and accourtrements) was flashed dispatch signals to each of sixty cities shown on map, the lights coming on singly and in groups. Through a screen in one corner of the map an automatic machine projected stereopticon slides, telling briefly of our interesting features in traffic and transportation.

Surrounding the exhibit was a parapet on which ran miniature passenger and freight trains—passing the front of the exhibit in the open, and in the rear of the exhibit wended its way through a symbolic California landscape.

The display attracted much attention throughout the entire show; so much so, in fact, that the Children's Exposition management have requested and been granted its use as a feature at their great display to be held at Exposition Park, Los Angeles, April 8th to 16th.

The design of our exhibit and its plans were created by Ed. C. Thomas, General Agent, Passenger Department, and constructed and placed in operation by Charles I. Farber, Scenic Construction Artist of this city, and I.C. Wood, of the Electrical Department of this company.

The Pacific Electric Magazine, March 10, 1922