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mountain railway in the world has excited so much wonder and admiration as has this marvelous creation of the genius, pluck and enterprise of its builders. Connecting with Los Angeles, Pasadena, and all the cities of Southern California, it is easily reached.

The cars of this railway are entered at Altadena, a beautiful flower-embowered suburb of Pasadena. Crossing a poppy-bespangled mesa, Rubio Canyon is entered, and the foot of the Great Cable Incline reached. This incline is nearly 3000 feet long, and makes a direct ascent of 1300 feet. At its summit, on Echo Mountain, are located the fine hotel, Echo Mountain House, the World's Fair Searchlight, and the Lowe Observatory. The latter is presided over by the veteran astronomer, Dr. Lewis Swift, whose discoveries of comets and nebulæ have placed him at the head of living astronomical discoverers.
      From Echo Mountain the Mount Lowe Railway proceeds on a twelve-foot-wide shelf, hewn for four miles out of the solid granite, with beetling mountain sides above and frightfully yawning depths below, passing through fine forests of pine, fir, manzanita, and live oak, around the wonderful circular bridge, and through the Granite Gate, until Ye Alpine Tavern, 5000 feet above sea level, an exquisite gem set in the heart of the forest at Mount Lowe Springs, is reached.
      From this point to the summit, 6100 feet, the ride is made on mule or horse back. The views at all points along the line are supremely fascinating and grand.

-Pasadena and Mount Lowe Railway Pamphlet
c. 1900

Pacific Electric Mt. Lowe Division
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