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Playa Del Rey Incline
   Extremely little is known about this incline railway. The photo tells the whole story. Two cars ran in a counter balance configuration from a Los Angeles Pacific Railway stop at the base of the Westchester cliffs to a hotel at the top of the bluff. We suspect the line only existed from about 1901-1909. The incline may have succumbed to unstable soils and cliff erosion? Legend has it that the two cars were named 'Alphonse' and 'Gaston'.

Photo c1901 by Howard I Morris, a young engineer working on the LAP's Playa Del Rey Substation equipment. The passenger station and electrical substation are just out of the picture to the left in the tiny village of Playa Del Rey. Courtesy Malcolm Atwill collection.

Two Ladies at the Beach, Playa del Rey, Calif.

Another photo of the incline from the beach looking eastward.

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