Equipment Committee: Official Notice

Bulletin Number Three


1. Birney Sales in Last Stages:


Since the last bulletin came out, further progress has been made in winding up the sale of  SC-ERA’s four Birney cars.  A Midwest chapter of the NRHS has paid for one car in full ($115.00) and has already shipped it to Detroit.  The Rocky Mountain Club has paid another $40.00 on its car and expects to conclude payments soon.  Of the last two cars; both have been purchased by an individual in the Denver area at the established price of $115.00 each.  He has paid $115 as a down payment for both cars.  In a sense, this constitutes full payment for one car, but as it is, he still owes another $115.00.  This is the Birney situation to date.


2. “SC-ERA’s Own” Now at Travel Town---1160 is First Club-Owned Car:  


On Thursday, August 6, Secretary-Treasurer Lazear Israel handed an LATL official at their South Park shops a check for $207.00 as full payment for one Type F streetcar.  The next day saw Belyea Truck Co’s veteran trolley car movers on the job at 8:00 am to load the 1160 at South Park for its journey.  At 10:45 the truck pulled away over a Slauson-Vermont-Los Feliz-Riverside Drive route.  The four persons from SC-ERA who were on the scene at S-P (Lazear Israel, Ray Ballash, Ernest Haase and Norman Johnson) tailed the trolley-car laden truck over its route; getting many wheels of the rear truck hung over the edge of the truck bed---giving a perilous bend to the rear section of the car. The unloading at Travel Town was a little more difficult---due to the switch group box being right in the center of the car.

However, the car finally rolled to a stop on our own track in as good a condition as when it left South Park.  As to the car itself, the LATL put in a few extras: one dash sign, four number Nine route indicators, and the re-installation of the conductor’s bells and bell cord.  There was a slip-up somewhere though---no motorman’s stool.  Up at Travel Town other railfans had gathered to view the unloading.  Among them were Ted Swanson, Jimmy Spencer and Werner Meyer.  To celebrate the arrival of the 1160 to its new home, a “Car Warming” party was held on the car Sunday, August 9 at 1 pm.



3. Financial Report on the 1160 Project


The following items are the expenses incurred in the “1160 Project".  All figures are  complete except for the Bellyea Truck bill---the exact tax is not yet known.

(a) 96 ft single track, 60 lb rail, 50 ties, bolts, etc.............................$150.00

(b) Transportation of rail by Kay Truck Co. to Travel Town...........$ 44.19

(c) Purchase of additional fish plates and truck bolts...(LATA)...........$5.38

(d) One streetcar from Los Angeles Transit Lines...........................$207.00

(e) Transportation of streetcar to Travel Town (Belyea)...................$200.00



4. “Notes to You” from the Equipment Committee:


This committee would like to extend its thanks to all who donated funds and time in order to make this project successful.  It is pointed out that this is the first piece of rolling stock saved since World War II by an organized group in Southern California.  However, if we are to continue in our work, we must have more funds to work with.  If you would like to help us in Car Saving send your donation too Lazear Israel.  Thanks!


RESPECTFULLY, submitted,


Werner Meyer, Jr.

Robert Ramsay