Los Angeles Inter-Urban Electric Railway

Car Data and Roster

8 cars:
Old numbers were LAT 2-20 (Los Angeles Traction only used even numbers). The two other cars went to Riverside and Arlington Railway where they were R&A 19 and 20. All were scrapped by 1923. Final numbers were PE 10-17 and R&A 19-20.

14 cars:
LAT 70-96. The LAT numbering system used only even numbers. This class was a forerunner of LAT standard city car. Sold to LARy 1910 and rebuilt by that company into its center entrance type 'C' Sowbellies.

11 cars:
Standard city car of LAT. For six years this was Los Angeles' finest type of city car. Numbers 102, 106-124. All double-truck LAT cars were rebuilt by Pacific Electric in 1909 with the exception of 801-804 and 830-941. This particular batch was also sold to LARy and then rebuilt by them into center entrance cars.

4 cars:
Built for California Pacific's line to San Pedro, they proved to be too slow to make the schedule and were shifted to the Glendale Line. Renumbered PE 470-474 in 1911. The 474 was assigned to Riverside where it was the "Glenwood" excursion car for the Mission Inn. All cars were scrapped in 1933. LAT numbers: 202-210.

8 cars:
LAT Standard city cars 152-166. Sold to LARy and rebuilt by them into type 'C' center entrance "sowbellies."

7 cars:
LAT 168, 170, 125-129. Improved version of LAT city car design. This type was a California car, soon to become world famous in Hollywood movies. A national magazine of the time wrote "... The finish is cherry. Windows and doors have polished French plate glass. There are four folding gates on the two platforms. The inside doors are double automatic." Sold to LARy and remodeled.

22 cars:
LAT 130-151. Built in 1904 and put in service after LAIU gained control of LAT. These cars conformed to LAIU numbering. These cars were standard Pacific Electric city cars, simillar to LARy's type 'B'. (ie: LARy 413 typical) All sold to LARy.

24 cars:
Standard Pacific Electric city cars. All were renumbered into into PE's 200 class after 1911. These particular cars became PE 276-279, 230-249, and were all scrapped by 1930. Suceeded by the PE's 600 class "Hollywood" cars.

6 cars:
Renumbered PE 250-255 and scrapped between 1927-1929.

30 cars:
Simillar in body to PE standard city cars, but had four motors and magnetic brakes for severe hills such as on the Mt. Lowe Line. Renumbered PE 290-299 and 256-275. The latter cars were rebuilt to two motor air-brake in 1926 and renumbered into the low 200's. Scrapped 1928-1933.

30 cars:
PE originally intended to build these itself, but combined the order with an order for twenty suburban cars which were built at the same time. (PE 530-549). Renumbered PE 200-229. Cars 215-219 were sold in 1912 to Portland, Eugene and Eastern. Others were all scrapped by 1933. These cars were paid for by the Pacific Electric Land Company.

2 cars:
These two Box Motors were acquired in 1901 from Southern California Motor Road (San Bernardino-Redlands). Old LAIU numbers 212 and 214, renumbered PE 1417 amd 1418 and scrapped in 1935.

Roster of cars, Los Angeles Inter-Urban
720-721-Box Motor29,80042'-4"8'-7"12'-0"-2 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster4 38BK14Westinghouse 5½ h.p.
750-757Barney & Smith 1895Single truck open15,80027'-8"7'-4"10'-6"401 Brill2 GE 800K2Hand
770-783Barney & Smith 1895Double truck California19,00031'-3"7'-4"11'-2"302 Brill 4'2 38BK11Christensen Air
790-800Barney & Smith 1896Double truck California21,80038'-6"7'-4"11'-6"422 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster2 38BK11Christensen Air
801-804St. Louis 1903Double truck closed49,90045'-6"8'-6"12'-0"482 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster4 101BK14Christensen Air
810-817Barney & Smith 1897Double truck California26,00038'-6"7'-4"11'-6"422 Brill 4'2 38BK11Christensen Air
820-826Barney & Smith 1899Double truck California26,95038'-6"7'-4"11'-6"422 Brill 4'2 38BK11Christensen Air
830-851St. Louis 1904Double truck California42,10039'-0"7'-9"11'-8"442 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster2 38BK11Christensen Air
852-875PE 1905Double truck California34,65039'-1"7'-9"11'-8"442 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster2 38BK11Christensen Air
876-881PE 1906Double truck California34,65039'-1"7'-9"11'-8"442 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster2 38BK11Christensen Air
882-891PE 1907Double truck California43,75039'-1"7'-9"11'-8"442 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster4 38BK14Mag. Westinghouse type F-3
892-911PE 1908Double truck California43,75039'-1"7'-9"11'-8"442 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster4 38BK14Mag. Westinghouse type F-3
912-941St. Louis 1909Double truck California34,65039'-1"7'-9"11'-8"442 PE 5'-3" rigid bolster2 38BK11Westinghouse 2½ h.p. air
All cars of wooden construction.

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