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Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Divisions
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Div 1 1130 E. 6th St., L.A. (6th & Central, LARy)
               Original Division logo retired 11/07/1999.
Div 1 old logo
Div 2 720 E. 15th St., L.A. (16th & San Pedro, LARy)Div 2
Div 3 630 W. Ave. 28, L.A. (Ave. 28 & Idell, LARy)Div 3
Div 4 1201 Georgia St. Georgia St Car House, LARy
Div 4 7878 Telegraph Rd., Downey
Division 4 is a non-revenue operating facility in Downey. Though there are a few buses stored there, this yard primarily contains autos, trucks, and rail repair vehicles waiting for tune-ups or major repair.)
Div 5 5425 S. Van Ness Avenue, L.A. (54th & Arlington, LARy)Div 5
Div 6 100 Sunset Ave. Venice (aka Ocean Park, PE Rail)Div 6
Div 7 8800 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, (Sherman Shops, PE Rail)Div 7
Div 8 9201 Canoga Avenue, ChatsworthDiv 8
Div 9 3449 Santa Anita Avenue, El MonteDiv 9
Div 10 742 N. Mission Rd., L.A. (Macy & Mission, PE Rail)Div 10
Div 11 4350 E. 208th St., Long Beach (Blue Line LRT Yard & Shop)
Div 12 970 W. Chester Avenue, Long Beach
(Division 12 is used as a facility to convert bus engines from methanol to diesel. It may be reopened at some point.)(Division logo was never used on any rolling stock.)
Div 12
Div 13 (Open) (was Riverside)
Loc 14 5413 S. Avalon Blvd., L.A. ("New" side of South Park Shops, LARy)
Div 15 11900 Branford St., Sun ValleyDiv 15
Div 16 (Open) (Was 1551 E. Mission Rd., Pomona)
Term 17 632 S. Maple Avenue, L.A. (Maple Ave. Lot, PE 6th & Main Bus yard)
Div 18 450 W. Griffith St., CarsonDiv 18
Term 19 3501 Santa Anita Avenue, El Monte (El Monte Station)
Div 20 320 S. Santa Fe Avenue, L.A. (Red Line Yard & Shop)
Div 21 N. Main St., L.A. (Gold Line Yard & Shop)
Div 22 (Green Line Yard & Shop--14724 Aviation Blvd., Lawndale)
Loc 23 (Open)
Loc 24 14557 Sherman Way, Van Nuys (old Div. 8)
Term 25 1831 Toberman St., L.A. (Toberman Lot--Washington @ Santa Monica Fwy.)
Term 26 5702 Apple St., L.A. (West L.A. Transit Center--Washington & Fairfax)
Term 27 6111 W. 96th St., L.A. (LAX Transit Center--96th & Sepulveda)
Term 28 111 W. 18th St., L.A. (18th & Broadway)
Loc 29 706 E. 15th St., L.A. (Cash Counting Room)
Loc 30 900 Lyon St., L.A. (Central Maintenance Facility)
Term 31 938 N. Vignes St., L.A. (Macy & Vignes, LARy HQ Bldg., 1060 S.Broadway, L.A.)
Loc 32 425 S. Main St., L.A. (SCRTD Headquarters Bldg., 4th & Main)
Loc 33 3369 Santa Anita Avenue, El Monte (Instruction Department)
Loc 34 4462 Pacific Blvd., Vernon (Vernon Yards, LARy)
Loc 35 3369 Santa Anita Avenue, El Monte (Telecommunications Dept.)
Loc 36 (Open)
Term 37 8145 Seville Avenue, South Gate (Palm Pl. Loop, LARy 'J'-line)
Term 38 8500 S. Central Avenue, L.A. (85th & Central Loop, LATL 'S'-line)
Term 39 3012 W. Jefferson Blvd. L.A. (10th & Jefferson Loop, LARy 'J'-line)
Term 40 4646 W. Pico Blvd., L.A. (Pico & Rimpau Loop, LARy 'P'-line)
Term 41 530 S. Wilton Pl., L.A. (6th & Wilton private right-of-way, LARy 'R'-line)
Term 42 2200 Echo Park Avenue, L.A. (Echo Park & Donaldson wye, PE rail)
Term 43 4302 Whittier Blvd., L.A. (Whittier & Brannick Loop, LARy 'R'-line)
Term 44 427 N. Rowan Avenue, L.A. (Dozier & Rowan Loop, LARy 'P'-line)
Term 45 4592 Huntington Dr., L.A. (Rosehill Station Loop)
Loc 46 (Open)
Term 47 LAC/USC Medical Center Busway Station
Term 48 Cal State University Busway Station
Term 49 1340 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale (Mountain & Brand, PE rail North Glendale rest room)
Loc 50 (Open)
Loc 51 1900 S. Figueroa St., L.A. (Transit Police Headquarters)
Loc 52 (Open)
Loc 53 (Open)
Loc 54 (Open)
Loc 55 316 W. 3rd St., L.A. (Miracle on Broadway Transit Police substation)
Loc 56 (Open)
Loc 57 (Open)
Loc 58 (Open)
Loc 59 (Open)
Loc 60 2000 E. Imperial Hwy., Willowbrook (Central Control Facility--Rail)
Loc 61 284 S. Santa Fe Avenue, L.A. (Maintenance of Way Shops)
Loc 62 Long Beach Blvd. & Washington, L.A., Blue Line storage track (PE rail Maintenance of Way Satellite Yard)
Loc 63 - 98, 100 (Open)
Loc 99 USG Union Station - Gateway, includes the MTA building, the east portal to Union Station, and Patsouras Plaza
Division 18 - Carson Division. Was located on the West side of the 110 Freeway just north of 190th (which turns into Victoria). This would have put the old division about ¼ mile from it's current location. The former Division 18 property is currently occupied by a school bus company. There was also a prior Division 18 location which predated this one, location unknown.
Location 30 - Formerly known as CMF (Central Maintenance Facility). It was renamed about 1997 as the RRC (Regional Rebuild Center). This location rebuilds all MTA buses. This same facility is also currently the home of the LAPD Transit Bus Division Station. The station itself was originally built for and was occupied by the MTA Transit Police up until their merger with the Los Angeles Police Department/Los Angeles Sheriff Department in November of 1997. The facilities are now used by the LAPD Transit Bus Detail(TBD). This includes the uniform patrol for the MTA buses in the city of Los Angeles. Also in the same station are: The LAPD GHOST Detail (carried over from the MTA Police) - Graffiti Habitual Offender Suppression Team, and The LAPD Pick Pocket Detail (newly established for the buses and trains) the first and ONLY pick pocket crime suppression detail since the last LAPD rail unit had one (unknown date or year) many years ago.
Location 51 - Transit Police Headquarters at 1900 S. Figueroa (Figueroa and Washington). This location number is currently open (no location assigned). This facility was abandoned in 1996 for the new facility at Location 30. Also, prior to occupying the facility at Washington/ Figueroa, the TP were located out of Division 2 when it was not an operational division. At that time mechanics at Division 2 worked on buses but no lines ran out of the Division.
Location 55 - at 316 W. 3rd Street. This facility was abandoned about 1994, and the facilities were moved to another location south of 3rd between Broadway and Spring Streets. This facility was abandoned in late 1995 at the request of the City of Los Angeles that the MTA police discontinue the footbeat program. The newer facility is currently occupied by the LAPD Central Division Footbeat.
Location 60 - Central Control Facility is actually in county area ("Willowbrook"), Los Angeles on the mail. This facility's name has been changed (in early 1998) to the ROC (Rail Operations Center). Location 60 is currently also the home of the LASD Transit Services Bureau. They patrol the Blueline, Greenline, and buses running anywhere outside of the city of Los Angeles.
The LAPD and LASD division designations within their agencies match up with the numbers to the MTA locations where they are assigned. The Group number (which is also the huge white number visible on the trunk of the squad car) for the LAPD Transit Group (including the Transit Bus and Rail Divisions) is "30" and operates out of MTA Location 30. The LASD transit unit designation is "60" and are visible on their units in black numbers on the top of the car, just in front of the lightbar. The LASD is located out of Location 60 (ROC).
MTA has also established a code and location for the Gateway Building. It was given this designation not long after the building itself was occupied by the MTA in about 1996. "USG" stands for Union Station - Gateway and includes the MTA building, the east portal to Union Station, and Patsouras Plaza (the bus turnaround and terminal). Note: "USG" is the only designation, no location or division number. For law enforcement, USG is the home of the LAPD Transit Rail Division (Redline), along with both the LASD and LAPD transit administration and detectives units.

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