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The Los Angeles Railway began offering weekly passes May 13, 1934. Each pass came in "Zone 1", "Zone 2, 3 & 4", and "All Zones" versions:

The MTA II version will be the fourth for the design!

After a court decision forced the offering of joint passes, there was also the choice of LARy or Joint versions. Joint passes were issued from July 4, 1937 through Jan 25-31, 1948.

The joint weekly pass was good on Los Angeles Transit Lines, Pacific Electric Railway and Los Angeles Motor Coach lines.

Joint passes were colorful, but lacked topical subjects. They were probably printed well in advance.

The week of January 25-31 the weekly pass was issued in the form of a ticket book as an experiment. (The company never repeated the attempt.) The last LARy pass was issued February 4-10, 1945. The next week they were replaced by otherwise identical LATL passes; running from February 11-17, 1945 until December 3-9, 1950. There were no weekly passes issued by the first MTA, the RTD issuing its first pass (a monthly) in August 1967. Only one pass was ever issued that was for rail use only. See SCRTD

Perhaps modern reprints could be coordinated with organizations still in operation such as Exposition Park, the Griffith Planitarium and the Southwest Indian Museum?

Examples of Metropolitan Transit Authority Tickets

In all there were 865 weekly passes and 552 joint passes.

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