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Introduction to Pacific Electric Time Tables

Time Table Cover Format Gallery
1Los Angeles-Long Beach, Los Angeles-San Pedro, Long Beach-San Pedro
1ALong Beach Local Lines
2Los Angeles-Glendale-Burbank Line
2AGlendale Local Motor Coach Lines
3Los Angeles Local Lines
4South Pasadena-Highland Park-Monterey Road Motor Coach Line
4Long Beach-San Pedro Rail Line (2-11-46)
4Long Beach-San Pedro Motor Coach Line (2-2-49)
5Santa Ana Line
6Redondo Beach Motor Coach Line
7Los Angeles-San Bernardino Rail and Motor Coach Line
7Los Angeles-Pomona-Riverside-San Bernardino-Redlands via Valley Boulevard Los Angeles-Pomona-San Bernardino via Garvey Avenue (11-2-41)
8Los Angeles-Pomona-Claremont-Upland-San Bernardino Rail and Motor Coach Line Los Angeles-El Monte-Covina-Pomona Rail Line
8Covina Rail Line
Los Angeles-Pomona via Covina Motor Coach Line (11-2-41)
8Los Angeles-El Monte-Baldwin Park Rail Line
Los Angeles-Pomona via Covina Motor Coach Line (3-28-47)
8Los Angeles-El Monte-Baldwin Park via Garvey Avenue Motor Coach Line Los Angeles-Pomona via Covina Motor Coach Line (10-15-50)
8BLos Angeles County Fair Grounds (Pomona)
9Venice Short Line, Brentwood Local Line, Santa Monica via Beverly Hills Line, Hollywood-Santa Monica-Venice Line, Santa Monica Air Line
9Venice Short Line, Los Angeles-Hollywood-Santa Monica-Venice Line (7-7-40)
9Venice Short Line (8-24-41)
9Los Angeles-Culver City-Venice Motor Coach Line (9-17-50)
10Colton-San Bernardino Local Line, Riverside-Arlington Line, Riverside-Rialto Line
10Redlands-San Bernardino-Colton-Riverside-Los Angeles via Valley Boulevard Motor Coach Line
San Bernardino-Pomona-Los Angeles via Foothill-Garvey Motor Coach Line
Colton-San Bernardino Local Rail Line
Riverside-Arlington Rail Line
10Los Angeles-Hellman Avenue Motor Coach Line (10-15-50)
11Pasadena Short Line, Pasadena Oak Knoll Line
11APasadena Local Lines
11BPasadena Local Service, New Years Day
12San Fernando Valley Service
13Arcadia-Monrovia-Azusa-Glendora Line, Sierra Madre Line
14Pomona-Claremont, Pomona-San Dimas
14Pomona-Claremont, Pomona-Los Angeles, Pomona-Riverside-San Bernardino-Redlands, Pomona-Upland-San Bernardino
14Pasadena-Pomona Motor Coach Line
15Alhambra-San Gabriel-Temple City Line
15Los Angeles-Albambra-San Gabriel-Temple City-South Arcadia-Arcadia Motor Coach Line
16Los Angeles-Huntington Beach-Newport-Balboa Motor Coach Line
16Los Angeles-Huntington Beach-Newport Beach Rail Line
17Los Angeles-Santa Monica via Beverly Hills Motor Coach Line
18Los Angeles-Hollywood-Beverly Hills Line
19Long Beach-Pasadena via Atlantic Boulevard Motor Coach Line, Long Beach-Pasadena via Whittier Motor Coach Line, Long Beach-Riverside Motor Coach Line
20Riverside-Arlington Motor Coach Line (7-8-43)
20Arlington-Riverside-San Bernardino-Redlands Motor Coach Line (3-17-47)
21Van Nuys-Birmingham Hospital Motor Coach Line (3-13-41)
21Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Motor Coach Line, Van Nuys-Canoga Park Motor Coach Line, Van Nuys-San Fernando Motor Coach Line (12-28-52)
22Hollywood-Ventura Boulevard Motor Coach Line (5-12-47)
23Long Beach-Huntington Park Motor Coach Line
24Los Angeles-North Hollywood-Van Nuys via Riverside Drive Motor Coach Line (8-4-47)
25Garfield Avenue-Highland Park Motor Coach Line
26North Hollywood-Studio City-Sherman Oaks Motor Coach Line
33Beverly-Sunset Boulevard Motor Coach Line
34Beverly-Sunset Blvds.-University Motor Coach Line (5-14-49)
35Hollywood-Beverly Hills-University Motor Coach Line
35Hollywood-Beverly Hills Motor Coach Line, Beverly-Sunset Blvds.-University Motor Coach
35Hollywoodland-Beverly Hills-University Motor Coach Line Beverly Boulevard-Sunset Boulevard-University Motor Coach Line
37Wilshire Boulevard Motor Coach Line (7-22-49)
50Glendale-Montrose-Verdugo City-La Canada (8-1-47)
51Los Angeles-Fullerton-Santa Ana Line via Whittier, via Norwalk
52Sunland Motor Coach Line
53Garvey Avenue Local
54Valley Boulevard Local (11-2-41)
55Whittier Boulevard Local (9-8-40)
60CALSHIP Victory Specials, Los Angeles-Long Beach and Terminal Island
*Los Angeles Shipbuilding & Drydock Corporation
   San Pedro Via Dominguez Line
   Long Beach-Wilmington-San Pedro Line Via West Basin
*Consolidated Shipyard
   San Pedro Via Dominguez Line
   Long Beach-Wilmington-San Pedro Line
508Los Angeles-Riverside-San Bernardino-Redlands via Valley Boulevard
509Los Angeles-Fullerton-Santa Ana Line
514Whittier Boulevard Local
521Garvey Avenue Local
524Valley Boulevard Local, Los Angeles-El Monte
525Sunland Line

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