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The First 100 Specials
  IRA L. SWETT, the founder of what became Interurban Press, began his traction publishing career in April 1943 with the first issue of Interurbans News-Letter.
  It was his practice to issue Special numbers in advance of publishing dates. In a few cases, numbers were later reassigned or not used at all. I.N.L., The Early Interurban News-Letters, published as X-3 by Interurbans Publications in 1978, contains considerable detail on the early efforts by Swett and reprints many of the early News-Letters.
1The Big Subs, by Cpl. Ira L. Swett, with Lorin and Ben Silliman, August 1944.
2Puget Sound Electric Railway, by Ira L. Swett, with Harold Hill, Robert S. Wilson, Charles Johnson, Roland Covey and Jim Rice, June 1945.
3Pacific Electric All-Time Roster, by Ira L. Swett, March 1946 (with supplements later).
4Bamberger Railroad, by Ira L. Swett, September 1946.
5Denver and Interurban, by Ira L. Swett, October 1947.
6Outstanding Interurban Cars, by Ira L. Swett and Al Barker, August 1948.
7Pacific Northwest Traction Co. (North Coast Lines), by Ira L. Swett, with Harold Hill, Lawton Gowey, Robert S. Wilson and Charles Savage, June 1949.
8Red Electrics of Portland, Oregon, by Ira L. Swett, November 1949.
9Sacramento Northern, by Ira L. Swett, Arthur L. Lloyd, Vernon J. Sappers, Addison H. Laflin Jr. and Dudley Thickens, June 1950.
10A news roundup similar to the old monthly magazine but issued as a Special; Ira L. Swett, editor.
11Los Angeles Railway, by Ira L. Swett, December 1951.
12Los Angeles Railway All-Time Roster, by Ira L. Swett, August 1952.
13Pacific Electric All-Time Roster, by Ira L. Swett, December 1952.
14Electric Railways of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Ira L. Swett, Russell Olson, Edwin Nelson and Fred Howarth, December 1953.
15Interurbans of Utah, Ira L. Swett with Fred Fellow, August 1954, reissued as Special 55 in 1974.
16Lines of Pacific Electric, by Ira L. Swett, issued in sec-tions from April 1953 to about 1960.
17Street Railways of New Orleans, by E. Harper Charlton, April 1955.
18Los Angeles Pacific, by Ira L. Swett, April 1956.
19Arkansas Valley Interurban, by Malcolm D. (Doc) Isely, April 1956, reissued with same number in 1977.
20Los Angeles and Redondo, by Ira L. Swett, February, 1977.
21Passenger Service of Pacific Electric, by Lawrence C. Veysey, November 1958.
22Galveston-Houston Electric Railway, by Herb Woods, November 1959, reissued with same number in 1976.
23Puget Sound Electric Railway, by Ira L. Swett, with Harold Hill, Roland Covey, James Rice, Lawton Gowey, Warren Wing and Charles Johnson, July 1960.
24Railway Car Builders of the United States and Canada, by E. Harper Chariton, October 1957.
25Street Railways of Toronto, 1861-1 921, by Louis H. Pursley, June 1958.
26Sacramento Northern, by Ira L. Swett, Thomas Bold, Harre W. Demoro, Addison H. Laflin Jr. and Vernon J. Sappers, August 1963, reprinted with same num-ber in 1971 and 1981.
27Riverside & Arlington Electric Railway, by Ira L. Swett, November 1962.
28Cars of the Pacific Electric: City and Suburban Cars, by Ira L. Swett, October 1974, reprinted with same number, 1976.
29The Toronto Trolley Car Story, 1921-1961, by Louis H. Pursley, June 1961.
30Pacific Electric in Transition, reprint of an article in the January 7,1911, issue of the Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas, by Rudolph W. Van Norden, December 1967.
31BART at Mid-Point, by Harre W. Demoro, May 1968.
32Cars of the Sacramento Northern, Ira L. Swett, ed., August 1963.
33Los Angeles Railway's Pre-Huntington Cars, 1890-1902, by Ira L. Swett, December 1962.
34Sacramento Northern Album, Ira L. Swett, ed., October 1963.
35Die Day in L.A., by Ira L. Swett, 1964.
36Cars of Pacific Electric: Interurban and Deluxe Cars, by Ira L. Swett, April 1965, reissued with same num-ber, 1978.
37Cars of Pacific Electric: Combos, RPOs, Box Motors, Work Motors, Locomotives, Tower Cars, Service Cars, by Ira L. Swett, October 1965, reissued with same number, 1978.
38Official Car Records, Pacific Electric Railway, Ira L. Swett, ed., November 1964.
39Pacific Electric Album of Cars, Ira L. Swett, ed., Octo-ber 1965.
40Los Angeles Pacific Album, by Ira L. Swett, based on photo album of T.L. Wagenbach in collection of Carl Blaubach, August 1966.
41Tractions of the Orange Empire, by Ira L. Swett, August 1967.
42Los Angeles Railway History, by Edmund Keilty, to be published by Electric Railway Historical Association, Spring 2003.
43Yellow Cars of Los Angeles, by Jim Walker, 1977.
44The White Front Cars of San Francisco, by Charles A. Smallwood, August 1971, reissued with same num-ber in 1978. The 1971 edition was the first Special available in hardcover, which was optional. The 1971 edition had typewritten text, 1978 edition was typeset.
45The Catalina Trip, not yet issued.
46Pacific Electric in Pomona, by Ira L. Swett, May 1969.
47The Napa Valley Route, started by Ira L. Swett but the principal author was Harry Aitken Jr. Swett died before the book was published in April 1975.
48The Ontario & San Antonio Heights Railroad Co. - Pacific Electric in Ontario and Claremont, by Ira L. Swett, November 1969.
49Montana's Trolleys I, by Rex Myers, May 1970.
50Montana's Trolleys II, by Ira L. Swett, July 1970.
51Montana's Trolleys III, by Ira L. Swett, October 1970.
52Rapid Transit Around the World, never issued; initially this was to be a review by Harre W. Demoro of the new BART system and the PATCO line between Philadelphia and Lindenwold, then it was broadened to be a review worldwide with Ira L. Swett as co-author. For a time the number was assigned to Russian Commuter, Harre W. Demoro's proposed book on the first US-USSR cultural exchange visit on urban transit in 1971.
53Oregon Electric, not yet issued.
54Seattle Trolley Coaches, by Mane W. Demoro, May 1971.
55Interurbans of Utah, March 1974, reissue and expansion of Special 15.
56Market Street Railway Revisited: The Best of the Inside Track, Ira L. Swett, ed., May 1972.
57The Story of Old Pacific Electric, by William Myers, to be published.
58Transit's Stepchild: The Trolley Coach, by Paul Ward and Mac Sebree, June 1973.
59The Trolley Coach in North America, by Mac Sebree and Paul Ward, September 1974.
60Lines of Pacific Electric, a reissue of parts of Special 16 with some revisions, 1975.
61Lines of Pacific Electric, a reissue of parts of Special 16 with some revisions 1976.
62Texas Electric Album, Rod Varney, principal author, published with Texas Electric Railroaders' Association, 1975.
63Trolleys to the Surf, by William A. Myers and Ira L. Swett, 1976.
64PCC, The Car That Fought Back, by Steve Carlson and Fred W. Schneider III, 1980.
65Red Trains in the East Bay, by Robert Ford, 1977.
66Interurbans Without Wires, by Edmund J. Keilty, 1979.
67Surf, Sand and Streetcars, by Charles S. McCaleb, 1977.
68Key System Album, by Jim Walker, 1978.
69The People's Railway, by Anthony Perles, with John McKane, Tom Matoff and Peter Straus, 1981.
70Sayonara Streetcar, by Ralph Forty, 1980.
71When Oklahoma Took the Trolley, by Allison Chandler and Stephen D. Maguire, with Mac Sebree, 1980.
72The Last of the Great Stations, by Bill Bradley, 1979.
73When Fresno Rode the Rails, by Edward Hamm, 1979.
74A Milwaukee Transport Era - The Trackless Trolley Years, by Russell E. Shultz, 1980
75Red Trains Remembered, by Robert Ford, 1980.
76The Trolley Titans, by O.E. Carson, 1981.
77Doodlebug Country, by Edmund Keilty, 1982.
78Tracks, Tires and Wires, by Charles McCaleb, 1981.
79Inside Muni, by John McKane and Anthony Perles, 1982.
80Dawn of the Diesel Age, by John F. Kirkland, 1983.
81D-Day on the Western Pacific, by Virgil Staff, 1982.
82Forty Feet Below, the Story of Chicago's Freight Tunnels, by Bruce Moffat, 1982.
83Growing Up With Trains, by Richard Steinheimer and Donald Sims, 1982.
84Electric Railway Pioneer, by Harre W. Demoro, 1983.
85Trolley to the Past, by Andrew D. Young, 1983.
86PCC, From Coast to Coast, by Fred W. Schneider III and Steve Carlson, 1983.
88Growing Up With Trains II, by Richard Steinheimer and Ted Benson, 1982.
89Tours of Discovery, by Anthony Perles, 1985.
90From Railway to Freeway, by Eli Bail, 1984.
91St. Louis Car Co. Album, by Andrew Young, 1984.
92Red Car Days, by Raphael Long, 1983.
93Frisco Diesel Power, by Louis A. Mane and John Baskin Harper, 1983.
94When Eastern Michigan Rode the Rails, by Jack E. Schramm, William H. Henning and Richard R. Andrews, issued 1984 in cooperation with Central Electric Railfans' Association.
95Key Route, Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry, I, by Harre W. Demoro, 1985.
96Red Arrow- The First 100 Yeas, by Ronald DeGraw, 1985.
97Key Route, Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry, II, by Harre W. Demoro, 1986.
98The Diesel Builders, by John F. Kirkland, 1985.
99The Short Line Doodlebug : Galloping Geese and Other Railcritters, by Edmund Keilty, 1988.
100Special 100, California's Electric Railways, by Harre W. Demoro, 1986.

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