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Yellow and black flag means person late for school

    If you see a high school boy waving or displaying a little yellow and black flag as you wiz past on Central avenue one of these mornings, you will know he has missed a red car or is in danger of being late to school and would appreciate a lift.
    He isn't going to leap into the street and try and stop you when you don't want to be stopped. He is simply going to holdout that flag when you are still a half block away, so you will have plenty of time to make up your mind and stop if you want to.
    He will be displaying the latest thing in novelties, the official hitchhiker's flag.
    A couple of months ago, Lee Shippey, local writer, humorously suggested there should be such a flag for use in communities like this in which street cars run only once an hour, so that when one missed a car he might let any passing friend or neighbor know of his plight without undignifiedly waving down a passing motorist who might be going only a block or two.
    E.S. Jones, head of a big decorating firm in Los Angeles saw possibilities in the idea, believing such flags might be of great service in hundreds of suburban communities. The result is the flags that have just appeared.
    A group of Pasadena Junior College students secured the first bunch of them. On the yellow background of the flags is a picture of a motorist giving a lift and the words, "Please Give Me a Lift."

Sierra Madre News - 1931

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